The Coffee Snob: A Playlist

Working in coffee shops for years and years, I’ve had plenty of time to weed through albums to hear what works and doesn’t work in this environment. I’ve created my fair share of on-the-fly playlist throughout the years, but The Coffee Snob is my first true attempt at a comprehensive, ever-evolving coffee shop specific playlist. Created over a two week period, The Coffee Snob is a collection of new and old indie rock, dream pop, 90’s alt rock, electronic, shoegaze, and instrumental. There are other styles peppered throughout, but the majority of the songs fall somewhere within the sphere of “indie rock,” which, I find suits coffee shops best.

In an attempt to keep the playlist fresh and exciting, I will be updating it every three weeks or so with new songs that I happen to come across. I’d also like to take a brief moment to recognize some of the artists that are not on spotify whose songs I wish I could have included, such as Silver Jews, Spacemen 3, Bonnie “Prince” Billy, and Smog (though I managed to find and include a great cover of Kath Bloom’s “The Breeze / My baby Cries” by Bill Callahan). If and when these artists do show up on spotify I will make a point of cycling in some of their songs.

I have designed the playlist to be played on shuffle, primarily to avoid having back to back songs play from the same artist. On that note, I’ve also tried my best to limit any artist appearing more than once. Generally speaking, if an artist appears more than once it’s because they either have a massive discography or just a lot of great songs – I mean, how do you pick JUST ONE Spoon song? Pretty much impossible.

That’s about it, listen to the playlist below and please share if you enjoy it.

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