Helm – Cryptography (Kye, 2011)

RIP Graham Lambkin’s Kye Records (2001 – 2017)

// The title of Luke Younger’s lone work for Kye might be perfectly suited, but it also seems to connote years of enigmatic operation, including Helm’s significant footprint on the late 2000’s cassette mania. Cryptography is not an easy one to decipher, its musical reference feeling all the more boundless with each listen. On one end of the spectrum is a cold-fused exhibition of mainlined tones, while on the other Younger harkens to the acousmatic noise championed by stalwarts like David Jackman and Maurizio Bianchi. To describe the work as only one or the other of these two extremes is limiting, as it would dilute the musical curiosity and functional restlessness that lies at Helm’s ideological core. On Cryptography, Younger’s ideas are in full swing. A stellar work that is always a pleasure to return to.


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